About COA Needs Your Help

Chattanooga Organized for Action is a small, grassroots organization...but we fight big! In the past year, COA has:

 -Advocated for smarter policies and funding for desperately needed affordable housing;

-Released an explosive report on lending disparities from local banks;

-Brought public attention to the lack of diversity in Chattanooga’s nonprofit industry;

-Launched our “People’s History of Chattanooga” project to help tell the story of our city from the ground up;

-Supported local fights for the preservation of Lincoln Park and Citico Mound;

-Participated in coalition-building to grow the power of local groups to affect change…

Chattanooga Organized for Action is a community organizing non-profit that works to initiate, support, and connect popular grassroots organizations for the purposes of advancing the local social justice movement. We’re a multi-issue organization, and we seek to eliminate the oppressive conditions that cause suffering for so many of our city’s poor and marginalized people.

At the heart of our organization is an idea: that the path towards a better city can be made by the people themselves. By organizing our communities to win change, we can write a new story for Chattanooga - one that lifts up the marginalized and makes sure none of us are left behind.

We’ve had an amazing year, and we’ve got plans to make 2017 even bigger! But we need your help to do it. Please consider making a donation to COA. If you’re able, sign up to be a monthly sustainer. The fight to create a better world begins at home, and we want to work with you to make it happen.